Thursday, November 6, 2008

Barack And Me!

The U.S election is finally over and what an amazing fabulous result -hurray that George W Bush is finally on the way out and a new progressive leader will be at the helm of one of the most influential countries in the world!
Much hope can be taken from the election of a black person to the U.S presidency -what seemed impossible has become a reality.
Lets all strive to achieve our dreams and believe in their possibilities!
Anyway what do Barack and I have in common???? - In the days before he became a presidential hopeful he was know as "Barry" and then reverted back to the much more sophisticated "Barack"! My school Buddie's and all those who new me before the birth of my first child know me as "Vicky" and all those who have befriended me since as "Victoria". Again like my buddy Barack a much more sophisticated choice!!
I wonder whether his older buddies have struggled with the change like most of mine have!
Tomorrow I will have completed two bags to upload!

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