Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bubblegum Tote Bag

This single handled bag has been created by co-ordinating six different fabrics and putting them together in a horizontal pattern.
I love to mix fabric types to achieve a unique look. This bag is a mix of bright green, pink floral, lime with coloured circles, white with pink roses, hot pink with white polka dots and bright pink patterns.
The bag is lined in the pink floral and has a front sleeve pocket. The interior pocket is the lime and coloured circle cotton.
A cream button with a floral moulded design is used to close the bag via a fabric loop.
The bag has been further enhanced by the addition of a trim on some of the seams of the material change.
The bag is fully lined with wadding to give the bag shape and strength. The bag also contains an added base to further strengthen it.
14” across
15.5” tall
36” handle
2 x 12” base

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