Saturday, October 18, 2008

Success At Blackburn Lake!

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who supported my creativity by purchasing bags last night at the Blackburn Lake Primary School shopping night. Sales were fabulous and I received heaps of positive feedback for all my work.

I should also like to take this opportunity to express some other thank-yous!
To Jenny H for all her encouragement and "gentle" prodding to start this business journey.
To Simone A for all her positive feedback, for her repeat business and her advertising and promotional work.
To Cherie B for championing my bags at her place of employment!
To Carla for mentoring me and sharing her knowledge and wisdom so freely.
And to my customers who have supported me and made this all possible


GGBlog said...

Great work my love! Your passion and talent shine through. I'm proud of you.

Lulu Splendor said...

Victoria, your work is just WONDERFFUL. Everything about it is EXCEPTIONAL. I just know you are going to do well!

Carla x

Anonymous said...

Victoria, I love my beautifully made handbag and many ask me where I got it. I also love how comfortably and well positioned it hangs when shopping. Your attention to detail is gorgeous. I know your future sales will go well.