Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Quilt For A Friend - Part 3

Family life has been hectic so sewing has had to take a back seat. But today I have spent the morning preparing the quilt for quilting!
First you have to clear some space to lay it all out on the floor! (not always easy at our place).
Next you need to tape the backing fabric to the floor, holding the fabric firmly. Then you lay the wadding on top. For this quilt I chose a 100% cotton wadding recommended by the SIDS foundation. It is very light but breaths beautifully.
The next step is to lay the quilted front on the top. All the while smoothing all three layers.
The final stage before sewing is pinning all three layers together using quilting pins to keep the quilt stable as you sew.
Well it's time to see how effective my pinning has been :0.

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